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Disney Inspired Wall Wood and Floor STENCIL | Reusable | Multiple Sizes | Mandala Mickey Stencil

Mother Bliss Co

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The picture you see is latex paint on concrete patio! Fun stencil for wall painting, furniture painting, or whatever else can dream up.
This is a multi-use stencil, meaning you can use it again and again with good care.

- 6 mil mylar

- Easy to clean for use again and again Inquire for specialty sizes.

Yes, we can put multiple of this design on one stencil to make wall painting easier, just message us.

●Care instructions Taking care of your stencils is vital to them lasting. These stencils can last for hundreds of uses if taken care of.

▶Always lay them flat! Do not stack anything on top of them except other stencils. I also highly recommend you place paper between each stencil so they do not "catch" on each other when grabbing them to use.

▶Wash immediately after use. If you lay them in your sink and run warm water over them, the paint, if using acrylics, will wash right off with no rubbing needed. Lay flat to dry.

▶If you are using spray paint there is no need to remove the paint. When enough build-up has taken place the paint will crack off. Do not use paint thinner, it will eat away at the stencils.

●Recommend Use I ALWAYS recommend using a stencil adhesive to reduce bleed. You are working with thicker mylar, it will bleed if you do not have a great technique. Using a stencil adhesive takes the room for error and greatly reduces it! Krylon Repositionable Stencil Adhesive 7020 is a great choice. You then can clean up the stencil by using GooGone.

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