Dog Bone Shaped Ornament Blank for Sublimation - Double Sided MDF - Christmas Tree Ornament Blank - Sublimation or Vinyl

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BLANK ORNAMENT - Can be used for sublimation, vinyl or hand lettering! **Double-sided MDF ornament in the shape of a dog bone ready for sublimation. **Approximately 4" long and 2" in width. **Includes a protective film that needs to be removed before pressing. Ornaments WILL HAVE PLASTIC FILM ON BOTH SIDES. PLEASE REMOVE THE FILM PRIOR TO PRESSING. 1- Place substrate on sublimation transfer. 2- Normal press for 50 seconds @ 380 degrees. 3- Remove the transfer paper immediately. 4 -Follow instructions for the opposite side. Not recommended to press both sides at the same time. * If you experience any peeling of the coating this means your press is too hot, try lowering your temp by 10-15 degrees.

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