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Hey ya'll!

My name is Ivie and I am Mother Bliss Co's shop owner, and crafty hands behind it all. I live in Winter Garden, FL (yes, just right around the corner from Disney) with my best friend (aka hubs), as well as 3 very busy kiddos (with full schedules!). As per out family photo above, you can see we LOVE Disney, are always up to have some fun, and to enjoy some ice cream!

I’m a registered nurse by trade, but my love for creating is so big that I ended up opening MBCo in 2014. Although the shop has now become my main gig, I still work part time as a surgery nurse, and as a mobile/concierge RN at TheIVieNUrse (I love helping my patients).

It all started when I was very little... I have always been into paper, drawing, painting, and wrapping things and labeling all the things. As I grew up and had to start "adulting", I tried to keep my cratfy-ness alive. After my kids were born (and because I wanted to personalize literally everything for them), all my friends and family kept pushing me to make all the pretty things for them too, which brought us to Mother Bliss Co.

Do you have an idea you would like to come to life? Message us and we will do our best to honor your request!

Thank you for visiting, friend!




Owner + Designer

PS. Read about us at the Orlando Voyager here!

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Tel: 954-288-6989

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