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MASKS WILL FIT MOST ADULTS: 4” x 7” (approximately)
Masks are:
—Cotton + Polyester Blend
—2 layers
—Pocket in back to place filter if desired
—Elastic ear holds (ribbon ties available upon request ONLY)
—Nose shaper for a great fit
—NEW!!! Adjustment toggle attached to your elastic so it is completely customizable to YOUR size!
—INCLUDES ONE disposable filter insert (ACTIVATED CARBON FILTER, 5 layers)
Made by a nurse -- Great for wearing on top of your medical grade mask to preserve its life!
*These masks are NOT Medical grade. They are not meant to prevent infection or disease. I do not make any medical claims about this mask. *

Breastfeeding Mask | Nursing Mask | Lactation Consultant | Doula Mask | Handmade

SKU: 888616757
PriceFrom $17.00
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