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The picture you see is latex paint on concrete patio! You can also use the stencil for wall or furniture painting, or whatever else can think of.
This is a multi-use stencil, cut on 7.5 mil mylar. the biggest size I can cut these is 11x11 (paintable area).
|| Care instructions ||
Taking care of your stencils is the most important part to keep them lasting.
Always lay them flat, dont stack anything on top of them except other stencils. I also highly recommend you place paper or cardstock between each stencil.
Wash immediately after use. Lay flat to dry.
Do not use paint thinner, it can damage the stencils.
There are many videos you can search on YouTube as far as technique and what works best for you. Some people use spray adhesive depending on the surface you are painting. I chose not to use that as I was stenciling on concrete. it works both way, just pick a technique that works best for you.
Thank you for supporting my mama owned business!

Hidden Mouse Wall Wood and Floor STENCIL | Reusable | Multiple Sizes | Mandala M

SKU: 803303198
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